Tsukiakari night club

Shirogane, Ward 10, Plot 58, Lich Server
Opening Hours: Fridays 9pm-12am GMT

Back after Endwalker release!

    About us

    Nestled in Shirogane, Tsukiakari (meaning Moonlight) is an Eastern night club with loud music, bright lights and a brilliant atmosphere. With dancers to accompany you at your table or on the dance floor, special drinks with unusual effects, and a VIP program with exclusive benefits, Tsukiakari is the place to start your weekend!

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    The messages left in our message book, every time it fills to capacity!


    Our staff will be tagged with 'Looking to Meld Materia' if you are looking for them, alternatively you can keep an eye out for the wonderful people below:


    Name: Lottie Voras
    Occupation: Club Owner and Head Dancer
    Bio: A mysterious dark Viera of unknown origins, Lottie has the ability to transform into a small rabbit, and can harness celestial magicks. Lottie owns two pet bunnies, a white one named Luna and a black one named Eclipse, who both live in a pen in Lottie's private room.

    Name: Kiyoko Fumetsu
    Occupation: Head Bartender/Dancer
    Bio: With her bright and ever-orange appearance, there's no mistaking Kiyoko. A Raen with an innate control over fire and a personality often matching her element, she holds authority both behind the bar and before it, and is often seen as the harsher of the two Mistresses commanding Tsukiakari. She prefers being called 'passionate', however.


    Name: Kieo Exodin
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: A half-Elezen half-Keeper raised at sea, the tall man is always friendly and polite. Ever the shameless opportunist, Kieo has no qualms showing his skill with dancing for gil.

    Name: Trisselle Bradoxi
    Occupation: Dancer/Photographer
    Bio: Hailing from the Far East, the lithe Xaela had been taught various forms of dancing, she enjoys to entertain and bring a smile on other people's faces.

    Name: Zemla Zimila
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: Born under the boughs of the Black Shroud, this Keeper of the Moon lead a meagre life until the day she joined a travelling troupe of performers and entertainers. Now yearning for the finer things in life, she's known to accept the odd job thrown her way in order to accomplish her ambitions, such as dancing for a bit of coin.

    Name: Lark Weaver
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: Did you know dancing is a great work out? Well Lark does. As part of his Gunbreaker fitness routine Lark will dance for hours stealing hearts with his charm along the way.

    Name: Elilghota Zwynahct
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: Younger of the Zwynahct siblings, Elil is full of energy and passion. She's always seeking to improve herself through any means such as constantly keeping fit, honing her skills as a fighter, or dancing for hours straight without a need for rest!

    Name: Baranblyss Zwynahct
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: Older of the Zwynahct siblings, Baran is a gentle giant with a heart of gold in his massive chest. Of the pair of ex-sailors, he's the more level-headed of them and often tries to think his way around problems. Not that he's very good at it... But he is good at dancing!

    Name: Arethusa Ruthril
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: A Xaela with a knack for performing, even if she doesn't admit it. Sweet but sometimes sassy, Arethusa enjoys teasing people and getting a reaction from them. Due to her former work as a gun for hire, she knows how to protect herself and those she considers her family.

    Name: Ensel Delyon
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: Desperately needing quick cash to fulfill a family debt, Ensel resorted to the last thing he’d thought he’d do. Throw away his dignity and become a dancer. He’s not fond of the job but he certainly tries his best to give people as good of a time as he can.

    Name: Rhyssand Negra
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: Rhyssand was born at a ship near by Kugane. When she was a baby, her father was accidently dropped her in the cold water of the Ruby Sea. After they rescued Rhys, they realized one of her eye became pearl. Rhys was a Ul’dahn street performer and even now she sometimes dancing at chill nights at Ul’dah deserts. Rhys has interest of shiny things like coins.

    Name: Vali Losett
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: Eccentric Vali would usually have his head in a book but seems to have found a new pathway in dancing. Might as well show off a little for some extra gil. Though pleasing others is a fine reward.

    Name: Akai Dalamiq
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: A Xaela hailing from the Steppes and learning her trade as a travelling dancer in Thavnair, cheerful and bubbly, she likes to dance to see peace and happiness in people.

    Name: Mensab Toha
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: A Raen with a military background who spent most of her free time in clubs and bars. She decided to make her hobby of dancing a side-job. Mensab is passionate and loves to entertain people with her dancing.

    Name: Sanakan Safe
    Occupation: Dancer
    Bio: A young Xaela with no known past. She decided to step into the footsteps of her 'older sister' as Sanakan enjoys dancing just as much as she does. Unlike her sister she is shy and bubbly with a love for anything sweet.


    Name: Kahvichi Midir
    Occupation: Security/Photographer
    Bio: Short and cheeky au ra. She hasn't or will not share much of her past. But she's not afraid to show her skills. Be it dancing or throwing out the problem customers...
    People have a habit to underestimate her due her small size. They learned size won't matter.

    Name: Izik Frostfang
    Occupation: Security
    Bio: This sheltered Keeper was spoiled and kept away from most of society. He was sent out on a journey where he blew all his Gil in the first few days, being the ever curious Miqo'te he is. So he now works at the club as security.

    Name: Lumme Fyth
    Occupation: Security
    Bio: A strong and silent Viera who projects a sense of confidence and self-assurance, but without coming across as arrogant or dismissive of others. She is resilient and absolute in her ways, but could she be convinced to loosen up from her job and have a drink every now and again?

    Name: Rekion Freyas
    Occupation: Security
    Bio: Rekion Freyas, otherwise known as Rek, is a strong willed but rather Reckless Sunseeker, loyal to his friends and family, he would do anything to protect them. One might wonder if that was his motivation to lend his experience as security to Tsukiakari. Whatever it was, make sure to not get on his bad side. Rek enjoys spending time in his tinkerer's workshop or going to swim with his friends.

    Name: Naoki Tabito
    Occupation: Security
    Bio: A high maintenance girl from the Ruby Sea. Naoki is a no nonsense security mistress who with time you might see her more sweet side. Also available on call for any medical emergences.


    Name: Ryō Mochidzuki
    Occupation: Bartender/Security
    Bio: Originally from Shishu, her manners seem to reflect the seriousness of a bygone era, or at least until she opens her mouth. A little too direct, a little too honest, and sometimes scathing though never intentionally harmful, Ryō will be a loyal confidant if you can earn her trust.

    Name: Marquis Travers
    Occupation: Bartender/Security
    Bio: A Hyur hailing from Vylbrandt with a past he'd like to forget, formerly a pirate that was betrayed by his crew he managed to turn his life around for the better. Known for his work as a bodyguard and mercenary. Marquis is a kind and loyal individual who goes out of his way to help others.

    Name: Hikaru
    Occupation: NPC Bartender

    Name: Azami
    Occupation: NPC Bartender


    Interested in working with us? Check the application form below to see if we are hiring!

    Click here for the application form.


    Please store away any weapons with the receptionist at the front desk or the cloakroom upstairs.No fighting inside the premises.Tsukiakari is SFW, no explicit activity, no matter how enticing our dancers are - this includes emotes in public chat and please keep your clothes on.Please show respect to the staff and patrons.There is a no touch policy for our dancers, if you ask for a table dance or dance partner you may not touch our dancers without express permission.Please do not use the stages or dance on the tables or furniture if you are not a member of staff. Please also do not stand on furnishings or stairs or sit on the stairs blocking the pathway.Please keep out of the VIP booth above the bar unless you are or with a VIP holder.Please keep /yell and /shout chat clear for staff members.Looking to Meld tag is only to be used by staff members.Please inform a manager if anyone or anything is making you feel unhappy or uncomfortable. We cannot assist you if we do not know your concerns!
    We are a roleplay establishment and would appreciate any out of character chat to be kept in ((brackets)), out of shout chat and to a minimum. For the benefit of those RPing when the chat is busy, limiting log emote text or talking in party chat is recommended.

    Please note that screenshots may be taken and showcased on the photo galleries.

    The breaking of Tsukiakari rules will result in warnings or earn you a ban from the club.

    Our Services

    The below services are free of charge however tips are appreciated

    Table Dances
    Watching them on stage not enough for you? Why not invite one of our dancers at your table, or on it? These are free of charge however our dancers may choose to decline if they are busy or not feeling up to it in the moment. If you'd like a dancer to come dance at your table please send them a /tell! These are not private dances, are all SFW and will be done in /say chat only unless the dancer is comfortable.

    Dance Partner
    You are welcome to ask any dancer to join you on the dance floor as your dance partner and for some conversation. Please respect any dancer that may decline such an invitation, we value our dancer's comfort above all else.

    Drink Roulette
    Wish to sample some of our drinks and their unusual effects? Why not try our completely not dangerous drinks roulette? Please see our bartenders if you'd like to try our /random roulette game.

    Song Requests
    Have a song you really want to hear? Send a /tell to Lottie Voras and she will try to play it, free of charge! On themed nights where there is a special playlist we may not be able to honour song requests.

    Booking the club or private bar

    Interested in booking the private bar or the club for your own event? Check out our booking information using the button below. This is a service paid for with real Gil.


    VIP Program
    Want to experience Tsukiakari in a more special way? Want exclusive access to the VIP booth, private bar, and a secret menu? Check out our VIP program! This is a service paid for with real Gil.

    Art and Photography

    Our skilled photographers are able to take solo or group shots during club hours in the club or photography booth. Shots will be delivered by Discord. Please contact Lottie Voras if you are interested.

    The rates are as follows:
    50k for 30 minutes
    100k per hour
    10k per additional person


    Our skilled artists can provide Gil commissions of your characters! We currently have two in house artists, Aegeah Tio and Ehri Oronir. Artwork will be delivered by Discord. Please see below for their examples and pricing.

    Ehri Oronir
    Only available when Ehri is in the club. Maximum 2 slots in a night. Please contact the artist via tell to find out what they can and can't draw.
    500k for headshot.
    Twitter: @kyrutone

    Aegeah Tio
    Maximum 2 slots in a night. Please contact the artist via tell to find out what they can and can't draw.
    500k for /hum emote chibi.
    Discord contact: Aegeah#7731

    Additional Rooms

    Cloakroom and Bathroom
    Top Floor
    A place to change your clothes, store your weapons, or take a break. The Au Ra standing inside will take and watch over your weapons and belongings.

    Photography Booth
    Private Room #7
    A room that is free to use for anyone wishing to take pictures. Commemorate your time at Tsukiakari by taking pictures!

    Private Bar
    Private Room #3
    A quiet place for a special group to hang out, the private bar is available to book or is free to use by those in the VIP program. To book the private bar, please see our booking information here.

    Booking Tsukiakari

    General Rules
    Neither the VIP private Bar, nor Tsukiakari, can be booked after 12am ST on any day.Tsukiakari is Safe For Work, actions cannot breach this as perceived by our staff.The rules and restrictions for Signature drinks are expected to be adhered to as much as any other rule, by staff and those booking alike.To book, please contact Lottie Voras or Kiyoko Fumetsu.

    Private Bar
    Friday Nights
    Can be booked on the night, if not already pre-booked, and more than 45 minutes of staffed time remain (11:15pm ST).If there are multiple bookings, time may be limited to accommodate people (You shall only pay for the time spent).50k per hour to book the VIP private bar. Free for VIP status holders.VIPs can request one working Bartender (as long as there is at least two on staff that night) and between 1-3 Dancers depending on how many dancers are working that night for base price.If there is enough staff, can ask for more Dancers for 20k each.
    Weekends (Sat-Sun)
    100k per hour to pre-book the VIP private bar (1 week in advance). 150k if last minute booked. Half price for VIP status holders.VIPs can request one Bartender and one Dancer, if they are available. If they are not, VIPs may have to take what is offered.Extra Bartenders and Dancers may be requested, if available, for 50k each.
    Weekdays (Mon-Thurs, Friday before 9pm ST)
    100k per hour to pre-book the VIP bar (1 week in advance). 150k if last minute booked. Half price for VIP status holders.VIPs can request one Bartender and one Dancer, if they are available. If they are not, VIPs may have to take what is offered.Extra Bartenders and Dancers may be requested, if available, for 50k each.
    For an added 10k our skilled photographers can be asked to take up to 10 pictures during your stay in the VIP bar.Each additional picture beyond the standard 10 is an extra 1k.Not every staff member may be willing or able to take suitable pictures

    The Full Club
    Friday Nights
    500k per hour to pre-book the entire club (1 week in advance). Cannot book last minute.All staff available that night included in the cost.
    Weekends (Sat-Sun)
    200k per hour to pre-book the entire club (1 week in advance). 500k if last minute booked.All staff available and willing included in the cost. (Minimum one Bartender, two Dancers)
    Weekdays (Mon-Thurs, Friday before 9pm ST)
    200k per hour to pre-book the entire club (1 week in advance). 500k if last minute booked.All staff available and willing included in the cost.

    The breaking of Tsukiakari rules may result in the revocation of your VIP status and/or ability to book the Private Bar or Tsukiakari as a whole.Actions taken both IC and OOC to harass/hurt/discomfort Staff may result in the inability to request that specific staff member, with the worst case scenario being the revocation of your VIP status and/or ability to book the Private Bar or Tsukiakari as a whole.Actions taken outside the realm of SFW (as perceived by our staff) may result in the revocation of your VIP status and/or ability to book the Private Bar or Tsukiakari as a whole.

    VIP program

    One Night VIP

    Always wanted to try VIP but didn't want to commit for a whole month? Introducing our new VIP program for just one night of special treatment!
    30k Gil for VIP Status for one night.

    What you get:
    Access to the VIP booth in the main club (above the bar).Free drinks and snacks.Can order VIP Signature Drinks from the standard bar, Signature restrictions still apply. See the VIP menu at the link above for more information.Friends of VIP holders can access the VIP booth so long as they are accompanied by a VIP holder. See the VIP rules at the link above for more information.
    To become a VIP, please contact Lottie Voras or Kiyoko Fumetsu.

    VIP Status (Monthly)

    Our full VIP experience - more benefits, access to our Discord, with a saving of 20k gil for the whole month!
    100k Gil per month for VIP Status.

    What you get:
    Access to the VIP booth in the main club (above the bar).Free drinks and snacks.Free and priority booking for the VIP Bar on Friday evenings. Booking the private room out of hours is half price.Can order VIP Signature Drinks from the standard bar, Signature restrictions still apply. See the VIP menu at the link above for more information.Access to a unique Discord chat and role in the Tsukiakari Discord which allows you exclusive access to vote on upcoming themed nights, sneak peeks of upcoming events and the potential to be able to take part in them.A free photoshoot with your favourite member(s) of staff (time to be negotiated when photographers are free to take pictures).Friends of VIP holders can access VIP areas (the booth and private bar) so long as they are accompanied by a VIP holder. See the VIP rules at the link above for more information.
    To become a VIP, please contact Lottie Voras or Kiyoko Fumetsu.

    VIP Menu

    VIP Signature Drinks
    Signature drinks only available in the VIP room depending on the staff there.Bartenders each have one unique Signature drink that only they are allowed to make.Dancers each have one unique Signature drink that can only be made if they are dancing on the night.Security each have one strong Signature drink that can be made under supervision of a Security team member.Kiyoko and other multi-role staff may only utilise the drink for their current role. I.e. dancing drink if dancing or bartending drink if bartending.
    Please see a bartender if you would like to order.

    Dancer Signatures

    Lunar Eclipse
    Lottie's Signature Drink
    A cocktail glass half filled with black Sambuca and peach Schnapps to give a layered black and white drink. Named after her pet rabbits Luna and Eclipse, this drink has the same sweet yet strong flavour as their personalities!

    Daidaiiro Burst
    Kiyoko's Dancer Signature Drink
    With a combination of orange, blood orange, and a citrus flavoured sake, this drink is themed heavily from Kiyoko’s favourite colour. It’s a sweet and fruity concoction served on the rocks with a hint of sparkling water, all designed to get you drunk and cheery.

    Sweet Sea Tea
    Kieo's Signature Drink
    Chamomile with honey steeped in whiskey and hot water, then poured over ice. This mild sweet tea almost tastes entirely virgin, but like the dancer it really isn't. Ideal for the tea-loving alcoholics such as the redhead himself!

    Trisselle's Signature Drink
    This specific drink combines the distinct earthy flavor of ice cold sake with the sweet and fresh taste of tangerines and mint. Served in a glass with crushed ice and sugar coated rim. A perfect choice for those who seek balance while having a good night at the club.

    Fizzy Gingee
    Lark's Signature Drink
    A sweet mixture of mint and ginger with a scoop of mint ice cream leaves you buzzed yet charming for you night on the dance floor.

    Kup o' Koffee
    Zemla's Signature Drink
    A shot of hot espresso mixed with equal parts Blackbelly Whiskey, Coffee Liqueur and a bit of chocolate syrup. Served in a cup filled to the brim with warm aldgoat milk, whipped cream and a cherry on top. The perfect pick-me-up for any pom friend!

    Baranblyss' Signature Drink
    Pineapple juice with a splash of coconut rum, some orange juice, and two scoops of vanilla ice cream. For the softer sailor with a heart of gold and a sweet tooth.

    Groggy Mind
    Elilghota's Signature Drink
    Comprised of dark rum, water, lime juice, and brown sugar over smashed ice, this old-fashioned sailors drink was designed for making rum last longer on long trips as well as fighting scurvy! This special grog has an extra kick of lime to it than normal, since the goddess herself loves hers sour.

    By the Hearth
    Ensel's Signature Drink
    Dancing not enough to warm you up? Then surely a glass of red wine with some slow cooked cranberries, orange, cinnamon, and star anise will bring you some joy. A drink combined of Ensel's favourite fruits and spices, it certainly feels reminiscent of the fireplace upstairs.

    Inventors Intuition
    Arethusa's Signature Drink
    Night's winding on? Need something to help keep you going? Then look no further than Arethusa's spin on an alcoholic beverage inspired by all the coffee that kept her awake whilst she invents!
    The Inventors Intuition is a shot of warm espresso shaken with Kahlua, Vodka and Ice with the optional garnish of whipped cream on-top, cinnamon sticks or even both!

    Security Signatures

    These drinks, made under the supervision of a security staff member, may offer interesting special effects! Please roll a /random after drinking. All effects are temporary and last 30 minutes of real time. You decide whether your character would ICly know of the potential effects of these drinks or whether it'll be a surprise to them!

    Bitter Confidence
    Lumme's Security Signature Drink
    Made with rye whiskey, Cognac, sweet vermouth, Bénédictine and two styles of bitters, the Bitter Confidence is divinely complex, just like the serious security bun herself! Think of the cherry as the ‘something sweet’ she was unlikely willing to give you.

    Roll /random after drinking. If above 800, you suddenly feel a warm tingly sensation in your chest, and a boost of confidence overtakes you! You feel like you could sing your heart out or finally confess your feelings to a secret crush!

    Ophidia Umeshu
    Ryō's Security Signature Drink
    A plum wine with sake and sugar. Its earthly, faintly sweet and smooth taste could be called "dangerous" because it goes down so easily. Oh, don't mind the snake venom. It is diluted, totally safe.

    Roll /random after drinking. If you roll between 013 and 310, you will adopt the personality of the last person who spoke to you for 30 minutes.

    The Tsundere
    Naoki's Signature Drink
    Tequila whiskey and maple syrup mixed with salt and spices with maple sugar round the rim and a lime.

    Roll /random after drinking. If below 300 you will adopt a sweet as sugar personality, if over 700 you will become a spicy tsundere!

    Bartender Signatures

    Vermilion Sake
    Kiyoko's Bartender Signature Drink
    A liquid vermilion flame that holds the properties of a strong, spicy sake guaranteed to burn the throat, served in a custom made o-choko cup. With both the drink and the cup being made by Kiyoko herself, what better to symbolise Kiyoko’s nature as an Eastern embodiment of fire?

    Red Eyes
    Ryō's Bartender Signature Drink
    A beverage naturally sweetened with dried persimmons. Coincidentally, the same colour as the bartender's eyes, the strong punch provided by the vodka and the hot sauce will brighten up your night without getting inebriated by this drink.

    VIP Rules

    4 friends (non VIP) allowed with you in the VIP booth above the bar.7 friends (non VIP) allowed with you in the private bar. (Monthly status only)More people can join if you have more than one VIP status holder in the group. E.g. 2 VIP holders can have 8 friends in the VIP booth etc.Private bar must be booked with Lottie or Kiyoko before entering to ensure no one else is in there. (Monthly status only)VIP booth can be used with no time limit, however if it is getting full and there are other VIPs who wish to use it, please consider moving down to the dance floor after a while.Private bar bookings will be in hour long slots, if no one else wishes to use the bar after the time is up you may ask for an extension. (Monthly status only)Signature drinks on the VIP menu can only be ordered if that member of staff is working that night in the main club.While using the private bar only the signature drinks of the staff members you take inside can be ordered. (Monthly status only)Your VIP status also extends to any alts you may have, please let us know their names if you intend to bring them. (Monthly status only)
    Please let us know if there's anyone in the private bar or booth that shouldn't be there and we will ask them to leave


    20/11/20 - Our first opening

    18/12/20 - Starlight Party


    12/02/21 - Valentione's Club Night

    19/03/21 - Angels & Demons Night

    26/03/21 - The Grand Re-decoration

    02/04/21 - Hatchingtide Club Night
    Pictures taken by Trisselle and Kahvichi

    24/04/21 - Electro Swing Night

    21/05/21 - Vampire Masquerade
    Additional pictures from Trisselle

    18/06/21 - Pride Night
    Additional pictures from Kahvichi

    23/07/21 - Beach Party
    Additional pictures from Trisselle and Ryo

    20/08/21 - Cosplay Night
    Additional pictures from Tio, Trisselle and Ryo

    24/09/21 - Rock Night
    Additional pictures from Trisselle

    29/10/21 - Halloween
    Additional pictures from Trisselle

    Weekly Openings

    Partner Venues and Communities

    The venues below are the only venues Tsukiakari have affiliation with. Any other venue that is not listed is not partnered or affiliated with Tsukiakari in any way.

    Interested in partnering with Tsukiakari? Please contact Lottie in game or on Discord (Frainy#5826)

    Dance Battle Rules

    We will split the room in two, Angels on one side and Demons on the other. Two staff members, one for each team will become the Team Angel or Team Demon leaders. They will demonstrate the first dance battle so everyone understands the rules.

    This is a sudden death dance battle! You will only get one roll so make it count! The team leaders will call one person from their team to go up on stage and battle their opponent.

    The battles go as follows:
    Each participant on stage will emote their dance move. They can do this with in game emotes and by writing a description of what they do. Only after both participants have made their move will they both roll /random at the same time. The higher roll wins that round! In the event of a draw, participants will simply roll again.

    There will be ten rounds, so that’s 5 winners in total! The overall score for Angels vs Demons will be kept to see who will win overall, Angels or Demons!